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Beyond competitive beach club training and travel opportunities, Silver Beach embodies a human-first, athlete-second mentality. We care about your child's wellbeing off the sand  as much as their success on the sand. We know competitive athletics can come with a toll.

Unfortunately, we continue to see a huge rise in performance pressure, perfectionism, depression, imposter syndrome and suicide among athletes ranging from 15-25 years old.

As an athlete who struggled with these symptoms in college and post-graduation, mental health and the well-being of our athletes is of the utmost importance to myself and our club.


We want to see your athlete excelling in the sand and more importantly, enjoying the journey and relationship they have created with beach volleyball. As coaches, we are here to provide a competitive and positive club experience. We understand athletics is a part of who they are, however, we aim to push them to explore themselves further. For this reason, we include mental performance training, strength training opportunities and invite non-beach activities to explore development beyond the singular identity of being an athlete.


We encourage our athletes to get involved in the Silver Beach community events off the sand to prepare them for the real world outside of athletics, where life is more than volleyball. Our goal is a web rather than a line. We will bust our tails to see them succeed and improve as beach athletes... AND we will guide them to pursue passions and purpose outside of volleyball. When the time comes, we want them to be mentally prepared for the next phase of life's journey.


Being an athlete is hard. Feeling lost outside of athletics is harder. Asking for help is the hardest.

We are here to help them navigate the beach world and develop them as humans first.  

  Let's build that web.

Gratitude for you all-


Madi Fitz Mailhes

more than an athlete

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