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Practice Times


All training is 7:30-9am @ Aussie's

*Sign ups must be selected before 9:00pm (night before) training session*

306 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 70704

Current Schedule: 

Monday - Friday 7:30-9am @ Aussie's


Who can play?

Anyone can register for training! We have a mix of men and women, mostly B/AA level players. 

For any Silver Beach parents looking to play, we offer a family discount if you have a junior registered  :)


We will train in all types of weather as long as there are no safety concern for the athletes or coaches. When the temps are high, bring sand socks, sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of water. When the temps are low, bring sand socks (or any thick socks will do, we recommend doubling them up!), clothing layers, beanies, and gloves. For rainy days, a change of clothes and a hat are useful items to keep in your bag.

If you have a small group or you want individual private lessons, our coaches are happy to discuss some options. Try a regular session for your first time free and we can see what type of training would suit you best after meeting the group. 

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