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April 28th update: Governor Abbott stated in the executive order GA-18 (going in to effect on May 1st),

"Individuals may engage in outdoor sports, provided that the sports do not include contact with other participants, and no more than 4 participants play the sport at any time."

This is great news for us! We can begin training sessions again starting May 1st, with no more than 4 athletes per court. Please refer to our social media, and look for email updates for a practice schedule. If you do not feel comfortable participating at this point due to health and safety concerns we understand and fully support a decision to stay home. There is no pressure to return to practice but know that training can begin if you want to join. This will remain a week to week decision as the regulations could change at any point. 

Is the season over completely?

Definitely not. We hope to resume training in May and extend the season further into summer. If we are able to train again before the 10 person limit is removed, measure will be taken to keep numbers low and provide quality coaching to all. 

What should we do in the meantime?

Borrow A Ball from us and try to keep playing at home (please include your name, address, date of dropoff, and # of balls requested)!

There are so many one person or no net drills you can do at home. Follow us on social media and we will be sure to share some of our favorites. We also encourage athletes to maintain fitness levels however they can, and to watch film of their favorite players on YouTube! This is a time to get creative.

Will I receive a refund?

Depending on when we are allowed to resume training, a refund or credit could possibly be issued. This will not be decided until there is a full view of how long Covid-19 will impact our season and how much of it we are able to recover. Our goal is to minimize financial impact for our club, coaches, and families as best we can.

What about bids to national tournaments in July?

As of now, national championship events are still happening this summer and bids should be valid. However, it is unclear how each organization will handle this unique situation. 


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