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  • ADULTS-Unlimited

    Unlimited sessions for 12 months. All training at Aussie's.
    Valid for one year
    • Payment plans available upon request
  • ADULTS - 30 Sessions

    Sessions never expire. All training is held at Aussie's.
    • Ask us about more payment options
  • ADULTS - 10 sessions

    Sessions never expire. All training held at Aussie's.
    • Free Trial Session

      For first timers to try Silver Beach
      Valid for 2 weeks
      • 1 session in your age division

    Difference in adult and junior pricing is based on typical length of practice, tournament coaching, and recruiting assistance*

    p1440 Expand the Game

    Athlete Participation Program -- $94


    Annual program inclusions: 

    • p1440 Player Card ($50 value, needed to play in all p1440 tournaments)

    • 4-week coaching program from Kerri Walsh Jennings

    • access to recent college grads mentoring through intimate Zoom calls

    • monthly expert calls (nutrition, NCAA recruiting, speed & agility training, mental health, etc.)

    • 3-week speed and agility training by Tommy Knox (Kerri Walsh Jennings’ trainer for 20+ years)

    • Parenting program

    • p1440 TEAM building program


    Learn more and register for the p1440 Expand the Game program HERE.


    **For players who already have a valid p1440 Player Card number, your membership will be extended beyond your expiration date if you opt-in for the Expand the Game program.  Contact with questions.**