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Payment Structure & Details

With the changing regulations and season structure, all practices will be paid for individually and ahead of time to reserve your spot. If you paid for the whole season in advance, you will still need to sign up for individual practices but will not be expected to pay again. Please fill out this form prior to practice.

Practices will range in length and location but will run $20/hour. For all payment, please use PayPal or Venmo dues to @SilverBeach-Volleyball.

National Team



$300 per month (unlimited)

$200 per month (1 day/week)


$300 per month (unlimited)

$275 per month (2 day/week)


$300 per month (unlimited)

$275 per month (2 day/week)

We ask that you commit to at least 3 consecutive months, with all dues for purchased plans paid by the end of each month. 

*The prices and practices per month offered vary due to court availability, weather concerns, and volume of athletes. Part of these dues go directly to pay for coaches in California in July!

Local Team


January-June (Full season)


$480 (1 day/week)

March-June (Half season)


$390 (1 day/week)

May-June (Summer only)


$250 (1 day/week)

We ask for a $300 "deposit" and the rest can be paid in installments throughout the season. 





10 Sessions


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